About Me

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My name is Sullivan,I am 28 years old,I am from Germany, I like spending my time reading and one of my favorite enlightening adventurous things i like the most is traveling and exploring the world or even reading about parts of the world i would be eager to visit.

About Me

Getting to know different cultures and traditions, also get the opportunity to know people of different parts of the world and how amazingly people can view the world from such unique and sometimes unexpected perspective i may never could have imagined, which is really enlightening thing to do.

Traveling really is such a beautiful enriching experience I personally advice everyone to try, that’s why I’d like to talk about my experiences and the amazing things I see during my travel exploring a new part of the world encouraging all people to discover and unravel some of the secrets of this astonishing world we live in.

Feel free to contact me, I’d be more than willing to answer your questions and share your inquiries.