Do You need a visa to go to USA?

Do You need a visa to go to USA
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If you live or primarily exist outside of a US territory, it is important to know about essential travel documents that will be required to enter into the USA at any given time. Persons seeking admission into the United States territories should get very familiar with the procedures and documents that must be present even before any immediate traveling plans must ensue.

Certain information can be obtained by visiting the Website of the US State Department or contacting an existing US Embassy or Consulate. A US Visa is one of the main forms of authorization through which a person is granted entry to the United States but it is not the only means. British passport holders, for example, can gain entry to the US if they posses a Permanent Resident Card or through the Visa Waiver Program along with the option of obtaining an actual Visa.

The first process involves completing an online pre-registration form referred to as Electronic System for Travel Authorization(ESTA), available on the ESTA America website. This must be completed at least 72hours before departure as this a process initiated by the US Customs and Border Patrol. Information such as passport information, country of residence, specific US accommodations are required to fill out this form. A valid passport is definitely a prerequisite and must be up to date to identify with the duration of time of the visiting period outlined. The US Customs and Border protection program outlines certain stipulations that must be considered to ensure a smooth and applicable process by which persons will be accepted for visa approval.

Under the Visa Waiver Program, British passport holders can be allowed entry for unique circumstances which include tourism travels, business travel and transit to other countries. This is applicable for people whose nationality is established in their passport as a British Citizen and for those who hold an e-passport with an internationally recognized symbol. The holder must be clear of certain crimes and is not a dual national of Iran, Iraq, Sudan, and Syria. The holder must also avail proof of funds sufficient to support themselves on their visit and must have no previous travel history of visiting Iran, Iraq, Syria, Somalia or Yemen since March 2011.

The Visa Waiver Program allows travel for 90 days in the US. The US Customs and Border Protection Program has launched a Trusted Traveler Program initiative which allows expedited clearance for preapproved, low-risk travelers upon entry in the United States. Members enter through selected airports through automatic kiosks called Global Entry Kiosks. Global Entry facilities members of US permanent resident card. Traveling the US can be a seamless and fulfilling adventure as with traveling to anywhere else as long as the appropriate documents, details, and procedures are met to acknowledge the prerequisites of making the journey a worthwhile expedition for both visitor and country, everyone will have a lasting memory that is worth a second visit.