Just what is an eTA visa for Cambodia?

Just what is an eTA visa for Cambodia
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ETA visa for Cambodia is a tourist visa for anyone who wants to travel Cambodia. eTA is Electronic Travel Authority which is eTA visa that is required for entry to Cambodia. When considering to apply for eTA visa (  https://go-cambodia-online.com ) know that it will not allow entering Cambodia at many of Cambodia’s entry gates. There are only some airports where you will be allowed an entry to the Kingdom of Cambodia.

If you are a holder of a passport that belongs to a country which is a member of Association of South East Asian nations will be rewarded as free visa advantage for traveling Cambodia. But then there are many countries that are required to have a return ticket when applying for a visa as immigration laws of Cambodia will not allow them to stay permanently.

Cost of eTA Visa

To pay for the cost of the eTA visa process it can cost about 89 EUR. The only way to pay the amount is with a valid card which could be either visa or it can be a master card as well.

Requirements for eTA visa

First of all, the person must a valid passport, and it should be valid for at least six months when applying for eTA Visa. The visa can be applied online and you can pay the payment with your credit card easily.

Extended your stay after your visa expired

Well, as with any country none of them allow to visitors stay after the time period that was allowed to them. As for Cambodia for anyone still living there after the visa expires will have to face a penalty.

The penalty is ten us dollars as for each day to each person who has broken the immigration law. If you want to get permission to stay after visa expire there are other types of visas that you can apply for.

With eTA visit it will not take more than three weeks to maximum to get your visa after applying for it. The best advantage given to anyone applying for this visa is that they can apply for it from home just with a device with internet connection.

ETA is an electronic visa that you can apply right from your home. Just by scanning the required documents, and images in jpg or png format. After the eTA visa is approved just print out the approval and have copies of it to visit Cambodia. So this information can help guide and understand an eTA visa for Cambodia.