Requirements for eTA Visa to Sri Lanka

Requirements for eTA Visa to Sri Lanka
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Sri Lanka is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the world and is known for its captivating culture, pleasant climatic conditions, exotic sanctuaries & wildlife parks, lashing waterfalls, and above all the pristine and enchanting beaches.

All this make Sri Lanka a tropical heaven on the earth. The country is full of amazingly beautiful scenic places, historical monuments, and temples showcasing the wonder of ancient time standing with most glamorous malls, hotels, resorts and huge buildings of the recent time.

Sri Lanka tourism offers vast diverse attractions which every holiday maker would desire to visit. These attractions of Sri Lanka draw a horde of tourists throughout the year.

There are a huge number of enigmatic beauty and magnificence in Sri Lanka which can easily take away the heart of the visitors. The astounding charm of the country is beyond the capacity of words which can portray the exact image of Sri Lanka. The best option for you is to plan your trip to Sri Lanka.

One way of restricting this movement is the use of visa for Sri Lanka we talk about the eTA visa application requirement; The visa can be of short term or long term, here we mean that the issuance of the eTA visa can be used in the specified period which can be either shorter or long.

There are thousands of people who migrated to Sri Lanka for their various purposes. One of the purposes can be leisure trip or education purposes.

However, most people who are in need of this visa do not know the requirement needed for one to get the visa.

Below are the Requirements for eTA visa to Sri Lanka that you should have when applying for ETA Visa to Sri Lanka:

  • The first requirement is that to apply for eTA Visa; you must be from outside Sri Lanka country.
  • The second requirement is that one should have passport that is valid for at least six months.
  • The passport and information provided should be correct since the passport number will be used.One should also understand that Requirements for eTA visa to Sri Lanka will depend on one’s country. The above requirement is general information. Every eTA visa issued in Sri Lanka usually has additional information on where you are coming from. You can also apply for this visa on an official website; you will be required to provide your passport here.

For more information, you can visit the website so that you can get more information on this.