What to take for a family vacation in Cambodia?

What to take for a family vacation in Cambodia
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Cambodia is home to some of the most beautiful sites in the world. However, traveling there or to any Asian country, can come with certain challenges. Different cultural traditions and weather patterns can significantly alter what you and your family will need to pack versus when visiting a typical Western country. Do you know what you need to bring on a family vacation to Cambodia? Read more to find out.

Your Own Blanket and Pillow

While this may seem to be the two things that you don’t need when traveling to another country, unless you are staying at one of the finest hotels in Cambodia, these are things you really need. Standards of cleanliness are not the same in foreign countries and you may fall victim to bed bugs, germs, and other not-so-friendly critters if you are traveling on the cheap.

Having your own blanket and pillow ensures that you are prepared for any type of accommodations. Want an easier way to store it? Try a compression cube. You can put your pillow and blanket in a bag and the compression cube will suck all the air out of it, making it easy to carry with you on your travels.

Clothes Made of Breathable Fabrics and Weather Protection Essentials

The weather in Cambodia is similar to Thailand; hot all year round. Make sure that you bring clothes made of 100% cotton with long sleeves along with plenty of sunscreens. Many westerners are not used to the sweltering heat of Asian countries, so be prepared with what you wear is the first step to protecting yourself.

Also, make sure that you stay constantly hydrated. Bringing a metal water bottle that keeps water cold throughout the day is a great resource to bring along.

Medical and Sanitary Items

Due to different germs and viruses that we may not have come in contact with before, it is common for people to get sick on trips abroad. Bringing basic medication such as antihistamines, ibuprofen, and anti-acids can prevent a vacation from becoming a disaster.

Also, bringing along a couple of extra feminine products which may look and work very differently in other countries can be life savers as well during times of emergency.

Comfort Objects

For children, foreign countries can be very scary and sometimes intimidating places. Bringing along their favorite comfort object can help keep them calm when you are in large crowds or an unfamiliar place.

Traveling to Cambodia can an exciting journey for any family and preparing all of the necessities is the first step in ensuring that your travel plans are a success. We hope you have a great time in Cambodia!